Benefits of quitting cannabis

A guide to quitting Cannabis and the benefits associated with quitting weed

QUITTING CANNABIS - this site is free

If you have found this website you have probably started to realise that cannabis is causing a problem in your life. This site is primarily to outline the advantages of quitting cannabis. We are hoping this can be a place where like minded people in the same boat can meet and share experiences while working towards overcoming an addiction that for years has been labeled nothing more than myth . 

One of the best methods of overcoming cannabis addiction

One of the best methods reported , helping to over come cannabis addiction, is sharing the experience of the addiction, and quit process with like minded individuals at a similar stage to you . 

The forum on this Website has been designed as a place people quitting cannabis can group and share experiences while motivating one another on with a quit , be it from helping with those late night urges, to reminding one another that a relapse does not mean giving up . 

 I personally will answer posts in the forum if they are left unanswered  , therefor this Website aims to be a form of 24 hour support to people suffering from cannabis addiction .